Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Sydney 

Sydney Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

A free service and monthly review of recovery centres across Sydney Australia. Dedicated to making your journey towards recovery that little bit easyer. In Australia roughly five percent of the population suffer from addiction. Many of that five percent do not get help! Drug addiction and use is a major contributor towards suicide and alcohol is the leading cause of death behind tobaco use.

Sydney Drug & Alcohol Rehabalitation

Are you looking for the right rehabilitation provider for you or a loved on? Getting of drugs can be hard and is often a complex, emotional and uplifting journey. Just get on the phone and call us  Not many addicts who attempt to get of drugs achieve there goal the first time, and many have more than several attempts to get clean before they are successfull. If your looking for a great provider then it is a must to know exactly what your needs are.

  • Are you looking for long term rehabilitation
  • Short term is better
  • CBT vs Psychodynamic approach
  • Family support

Long Term Rehabilitation can be an extremely useful tool when an Drug Or Alcohol addict is attempting to get clean. Sometimes one may not be accostomned to normal society because theyhave been in there addiction for so very long nad simply 6 weeks in rehab is not enough.

Can my family get help while i am away?

Of course you family can receive help and we totally encourage it, a family repairing it’s wounds is a natural part of an adict getting better whether it be drugs or alcohol a family is a unit and each and every member will have an impact on each other whether close or distant.

Life after Rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol

If your looking to get off drugs and then finally do it is important to set yourself up for a great life after addiction. Many addicts fail in life after rehab and become miserable. This is mainly due to lack of motivation and stimulation not present after drug use. This is very common in addiction and is more common in alcohol recovery than drug reovery.