Finding a great drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Sydney can be a daunting task. If you have tried rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol i am sure you can relate. Not only are there many variations such as private, public, CBT, psychodynomic approach the costing varies dramatically.

Several attempts at rehab could literally buy you a holiday house in the country some where prices have sky rocketed.

There are many factors including what type of substance you are addicted to that may influence your descision on what rehablitation centre is right for you. In sydney there are nearly 200 rehabilitation centres both public and private the choice is becoming even harder Sydney drug & alcohol rehabilitation service is here to help.

We also aim to be the number one place to find a drug and alcohol counsellor outside rehabilitation. We understand nearly all recovering addicts need support once they have finished their program. The family generaly needs support as well and all too often therapists list their services as a drug and alcohol specialist when in fact they do not specialise in recovery or addiction at all. In sydney there are some amazing rehabilitation centres and finding the most suitable for your needs should be easy.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

To many times one can find themselves really wondering can i recover? the answer is yes recovery is possible for all and it can be done.

  • Heroin
  • Ice/Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Speed
  • Cocaine
  • Ectasy

These are just a few of the drugs that are now available on the market and yes it does not matter what you or a loved one is hooked on you can recover and live a happy life. NO it will not be easy but yes it is possible. If your wondering where to start a good place is always your local GP or psychologist amd if your a lower income earner there are some great free programs available in Sydney and all over Australia drugs and alcohol do not have to ruin your life there is an answer. Yes you can do it contact us directly if your looking for rehabilitation help if we do not have the answer we will find you someone who can guide and assist your recovery.